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Christopher Dicas

 was born in Piraeus and lives in Italy.

During his teens, Christopher decided to become an actor at the age of 15, because he understood that he needed to express himself. So he went to study alongside the great Greek actor Vassilis Diamantopoulos and got a grip of what the actor’s occupation is.

After graduating high school, he joined the marine special forces to do his compulsory military service and simultaneously passed the Ministry of Culture examination in order to attend Dramatic schools in 2002.

Simultaneously he got into University and started studying Psychology and monody in National Odeum and continued in National Athens Odeum in 2005. In 2011 he released his first organic fragrance with his signature in collaboration with german N.W.A Group.

Since 2018 Christopher DiCas is the CEO of his own “HAUTE PARFUMERIE” house.


My Passion

/ Education

/ 8 Elements For The Approximation Of A Role In Realistic Theater with Dimitris Kataleifos

/ Classical Song Studies At National Athens Odeum-Monody-B’Sublimely(7th year from 8)

/ Basic Proviniences and Implementanions of Psychology

/ Commedia dell’ Arte with Athena Kefalas

/ Clown with Yiannis Margaritis

/ Workshop on Shakespeare plays and in Ancient Drama with Paul Goodwin

/ Workshop in Athens Theater Lab with Yiorgos Kormanos

My Way


/ Music

/ Vocal with Nikos Panayiotopoulos

/ Monody with Angelo Simos( Vaggelis Chatzisimos)

/ I,II,III solfege

/ A,B,C Music Theory

/ A,B,C Mucic Harmony

/ Musical Morphology

/ Classic guitar

/ Piano with Ioana Saini

/ Dance

/ Greek Folks and Tradinional Dances

/ Jazz with Vaso Baradakis & Cindi Trent

/ Waltz & Country with Lisa Bassova

/ Television

/ 2013…Family Stories: “The parents of my fiance” directed by Alekos Kyranis for Alpha Channel …as Labros Eutyhakis

/ 2006…Thermopyles directed by Nikos Papadakis Documentary for 1st National Greek Channel …as Xerxes

/ 2006…Skertsakia The Secret Dinner directed by.Thanasis Naskaris for ANT1 channel … as Apostle

/ Presentations

/ Loup Noir Trix-Mass Hypnosis (video clip) Hypnotee directed by Kallianna Maniatis (2014)

/ Vodafone Event for the promotion of Home Zone programme directed by Yiannis Kakleas(Mykonos 2007)

/ Christopher Dicas eau de parfum,my first fragrance with N.W.A(December 2011)

/ Theater

/ 2018…The Trojans Anima Captus written & directed by Rafika Chawiche & Michalis Argyrou

/ 2017…The Trial by Franz Kafka directed by Kostas Arzoglou as Priest

/ 2016…Pericles and the Parthenon by Georgia Karoni directed by Yannis Papathymios as The Parthenon

/ 2015…The Wizard of OZ (from the book by L. Frank Baum) directed by Haris Tin Man

/ 2015…X by Georgia Chioni directed by Dimitris Xiros…as Alex

/ 2014…Shakespeare Monologues directed by Paul Goodwin…as Julius Caesar

/ 2014…X by Georgia Chioni directed by Dimitris Xiros…as Alex

/ 2013…Clytemnistrae by Alexia Petropoulou directed by Christina Sachtouri & Marilia Mersiniadi…as Agamemnon

/ 2012…Shakespeare Monologues directed by Paul Goodwin…as Julius Caesar

/ 2011…Attempts On Her Life by Martin Crimp directed by Chrysanthi Pierropoulou(Devised Theater)

/ 2010…Menelaus and Helen by Nikos Kanatas directed by him…as Theoclymenos

/ 2009…Performance Act by Jorge (as…Herod from Jesus Christ Superstar & Marius from the Miserables)

/ 2008… Bee by Nikos Kazantzakis directed by T.Moudatsakis…as Procles (Vivi Theater-Athens festival)

/ 2008… The Magic Flute by Mozart directed by T.Panagopoulos…as Tamino Winter Tour

/ 2007… Bee by Nikos Kazantzakis directed by T.Moudatsakis…as Procles (Vivi Theater-Cretian Summer Tour)

/ 2006… Le Malade Imaginaire by Moliere directed by E.Vozikiadou…as Beralde

/ 2006 … The Rousement by Antonis Lidorikis directed by A.Klapakis…as Kladis (Athmonium Theatre)

/ 2005 . .. The Rag by D.Nicodemi directed by A.Klapakis…as Egistus (Athmonium Theatre)

/ 2004 . .. Antigone by Sophocles directed by M.Thomadakis…as Creon

/ Cinema

/ 2015 … “Ouzeri Tsitsanis” directed by Manousos Manousakis Lignos

/ 2011…”Τied Red String” by Kostas Charalampous Rural Safety Unit

/ 2011…”Action Men and Plastic Dolls” by Chrysanthi Pierropoulou,short film Christopher

/ 2008…”Loafing and Camouflage I-4 ”by Vasilis Katsikis mountain raider Chris Tsiavos

/ 2004…”Birthday” by George Markakis ,short film (2004

/ 1999…”The Back Door” by George Tsemperopoulos